The Fuzzy Pink Muse


Romance writer, Grace Madden stumbles across an old journal and a stack of letters from the man who shattered her dreams when he returned from Iraq, broke their engagement and left Massachusetts with no explanation. Reading his letters brings back the unanswered question of why he broke up with her. Memories she tucked away in a corner of her heart, more than two decades ago, resurface. Realizing she never got over him, the well-known author tires to find closure. She writes LOVING DANIEL to tell the story she's kept inside of her all these years.

When Aidan McRae reads it, he is convinced the story is about him and has to know why she wrote it. He learns she's doing an author event at a bookstore near his home in Maine and plans a surprise visit. He persuades her to have lunch with him. Hoping to find her answer, she accepts his invitation to spend the next day in Ogunquit, the small coastal town they visited as kids. An innocent kiss leads to feelings neither of them can deny.

"Believe in your dreams.

Follow them. Reach for them.

Make them happen."

From poem "To Touch A Dream" by

Lina Rehal

Loving Daniel


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Loving Daniel

First Book in Tucker's Landing Series