"In case you haven't noticed," Valerie tells Dylan.

He gave her a knowing look and took both her hands in his. 

"Sometimes you have to. Our biggest regrets in life are often the chances we didn't take."

Lasting Impressions

​Book Two in Tucker's Landing Series

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Lasting Impressions

When Dylan Granger buys an old waterfront estate in Tucker's Landing, the handsome architect's plans for the property put him at odds with the neighbors. Valerie Fitzgerald, a real estate broker he's never met, leads the crusade to stop him. 

Scarred by divorce, the last thing Dylan wants is a relationship. Valerie doesn't trust men. Fate intervenes when a chance encounter on White Stone Beach throws them together.  Dylan is attracted to the raven-haired beauty, but he leaves abruptly once she introduces herself. He's convinced Valerie wouldn't give him a second look if she knew who he was.

Annoyed by his mysterious departure, Valerie still can't stop thinking about the handsome stranger she met on the beach. When they meet again, Dylan's identity becomes apparent. So does their mutual attraction for one another.